Tuesday, June 25, 2019

One rug done

The spinning guild challenge project is done, just in the nick of time. The floor runner is approximately 5' long and 15" wide. While I am pleased with the results, I wouldn't make another rug from Shetland; I chose it because it is supposed to be pill-resistant, but it is also rather fuzzy.

The cotton/poly edging at each end is secured with an overcast stitch. Then I created a fold using Philippine ties, weaving in the ends. The instructions for these finishing methods may be found in Finishing Touches for the Handweaver, by Virginia M. West.

How to photograph the finished product? Show the end striping...

... and the front and back...

...and then a couple of full length shots.

At the spinning guild, we were encouraged to enter our projects in the county fair. From what others have said, the judges are not very familiar with fiber arts, but it might be worth the effort, just to see what they say. Stay tooned!