Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nothing new

Despite all the cooking and cleaning and family and friends, some knitting has been going on, just nothing worth photos or commentary yet.  So, let's look at the most adorable grandbaby in the world!

Pretty in pink
Pink pilot cap.

Does this hat make my eyes bluer?
Purple baby bonnet.

Acrylic - a fine petroleum product

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More sleeves, please

It took me a little while to decide how I was going to extend the sleeves on my Bog Jacket.  My vision was something not as wide but still blousy, extending down to a ribbed cuff, but I was concerned that would look goofy.  While perusing Handknitting with Meg Swansen, I came across the Round the Bend Sweater, which is similar to the Bog Jacket in looks, including sleeves similar to my idea.

So I picked up the stitches around the sleeve, which numbered around 90, and decreased the sleeve width by about 10%.  Then I knit in stockinette for about six inches before decreasing the sleeve width again, by 50% this time.  A couple of inches of 1x1 ribbing finished it off.

I liked the result, but solicited a few opinions before executing the second sleeve.  All two of the people surveyed approved.  And now that the weather is acting more November-like, I can actually wear this jacket out and about.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Where am I?

In order to keep the current projects progressing, I try to work on each one a little bit each day.

An inch a day on the xmas socks,

The goal is to finish these by end of November
a finger a day on the gloves, 

I'm this many years old.  In glove years.
one or two pattern repeats on the scarf and stole.

Side A
Side B
I don't always succeed, but I try.

18 inches
And then, invariably, something new crops up, in this case a pair of stay-on baby booties.

Not an obscene gesture.  Really.
Because the grandbaby needs a new pair of shoes.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh, wah

The heels in my Go with the Flow socks are going.  They are made from Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solid which is 100% merino.  No nylon.  No silk.  Just wool.  I checked my other Cherry Tree Hill socks, the Diagonal Cross Rib and the Embossed Leaves, and while they are not holey, they are on their way.  Lesson learned:  knit socks with sock yarn that has been reinforced with nylon or silk (but not acrylic).  Please.  Save the 100% wool sock yarn for shawls (which will remember their blocking better without the nylon anyway.  Ask me how I know.)

So.  What do YOU do with holey socks?  The cuffs and legs are still good, and I worked so hard on these that I think I may frog them back a bit, then convert them into fingerless gloves or mitts.  Or I might just save the yarn for a future crackghan.  After a proper period of mourning, that is.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pebbles of color

After I knit my SO these gloves, I wanted to make myself a pair.  In the latest knitty, I found this pattern.  In my stash, I found some Colinette Cadenza in "Copperbeach".  The two are hitching up.

(Sorry the pix are so dark.  I'll do better next time.)

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Two down, two to go

Here is pair number two of the xmas socks.  I bought three 50-gram skeins for these, but since I was doing nothing fancy, used only two of them.

Identical twins!

Pattern:  Four-Stitch Ribbing Patterns, from Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn:  Cascade Yarns Sassy Stripes
Needles: US1
Modifications:  Used a 1x1 rib stitch instead of a 2x2 one

After nearly matching stripes on the last pair of socks, I decided to try matching them this time.  Of course, before I could even get sock #2 cast on, I came across a splice.  I retried, though, and ran into no more splices.  Whew!

Monday, November 08, 2010

When is Shibui not Shibui

When it's Malabrigo.

Pattern:  Shibui Baby Bonnet, from Shibui Baby (available from Simply Socks)
Yarn:  Malabrigo Yarn Sock
Needles:  US2
Modifications:  None

I have not sewn on the buttons yet - waiting for a "fitting" on Baby N to ensure proper placement.  Bawling pictures to follow.

This is the same yarn as used for one of the February Baby outfits.  Another complete ensemble!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Heartbreakingly cute

I was holding off on knitting hats for Baby N until she was born, just in case she was like my babies, who skipped the newborn size.  But N is (to my eyes) petite and lean.  And nearly hatless, so I had to whip up some headgear.

Pattern:  Heartbreakingly Cute Pilot Cap, from Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines
Yarn:  Oasis Yarn Aussi Sock, in "Faded Valentine"
Needles:  US3
Modifications:  None

I found it really difficult to get gauge using sock yarn, but decided to just go with it.  The resulting fabric is stretchy enough to fit a baby's head (as demonstrated by my new model, who not only has eyelashes but  doesn't cry when we play "dress up".)

This is the same yarn as I used on one of the BSJs, so now N has a complete ensemble in Faded Valentine.  If only the socks would stay on.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Done, with picture

I think I forgot to post a photo of the Pine Forest Baby Blanket.

Pattern: Pine Forest Baby Blanket, by Ingrid Aartun Bøe (available in Ravelry)
Yarn: Lorna Laces Shepherd Worsted Solid
Needles: US8
Modifications: None to speak of, other than the number of repeats - I knit fewer.

I didn't block it with wires and pins, but it did get a good soak and a rest on the blocking bed. Before blocking, it measured about 26" square. After, about 29.5" x 27.5".

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Bad sock day

Since I finished xmas socks pair number two and xmas is only 54 days away, I decided I had better get going on pair number three.  But for some reason, these socks don't want to be knit.  I have lost track of how many times I have cast on, but I'm sure it is over twelve.  And it is not like I am a sock-knitting neophyte.  And it is not like I am trying to do something tricky.  These are relatively plain vanilla, at least the cuff is, but they are rebellious.  So I am just setting the yarn and needles aside for a little time out.

Meanwhile, let's look at that lovely grandchild of mine some more.

She doesn't look real, does she?

Oops, that one is a little fuzzy.

Please do not disturb

That's better.  And, oh, look, she is wearing a new hat.  I knit that for her when she was still in the hospital, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Pattern:  Super Stretchy Hat by Lynne Beckett
Yarn:  Valley Yarns Valley Superwash DK
Needle:  US6 (I think)
Modifications:  None except to cast on a number of stitches that is divisible by four, since this is basically a 2x2 rib pattern, but I can't recall exactly how many that was

I measured Miss N the other day, or tried to.  Her head is almost the same circumference as her chest.  Good thing that will not continue into adulthood.