Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wanted: This Sweater

This photo of Jamie Lerner (prez & CEO of Cittio) appeared in Information Week (photo credit goes to Gabriela Hasbun), and I fell in love with the sweater. It looks like it has a belted hood. Wouldn't this be a cool gift for that manly guy in your life? If I could see it in real life, maybe I could figure out a pattern for it. (Dream on!)


Anonymous said...

looks like the sweater body itself is pretty straight forward. I bet you could just find a men's sweater pattern with a drop shoulder and knit it however you like. They only different part would be the collar. Maybe make the neck hole extra wide, knit a large modified turtleneck/rolled collar and add belt-loop bits. I bet you could use webbing straps as that neck-belt. You can get the hardware from a camping supply store, or canibalize a back pack. Anyways, very cool sweater.
P.S. very cool blog title. I dig it!

fran said...

It could very easily be a custom sweater that doesn't have a pattern. If you look closely, the basic sweater is a simple fitted sleeve with a ribbed pattern on the sleeves. That shouldn't be hard to duplicate. You could also knit a hood and then add belt loops and a belt. It might not be identical but it would be close.