Sunday, February 25, 2007

Orange and Lemon Sherbet Legwarmers

Actually, these are the "Roller Girl" legwarmers from Stitch and Bitch Nation, in rugby stripes of Plymouth Yarn Encore.

Since I have been size-challenged regarding legwarmers (see example), I actually knit a gauge swatch, which encouraged me to drop a needle size. Also, I chose the "small" size.

And yet, the ribbing still seemed too stretchy, so I frogged and restarted, using elastic thread in the ribbing. The only colors of elastic thread I could find were white or black, so the thread shows a bit in the ribbing, but maybe it will work its way to the back of the fabric. The thread does not make the ribbing tighter, but I'm hoping it will keep the ribbing from stretching out too much. FYI, each leagwarmer used 90 yards of elastic thread.

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Sam said...

I love them! I should make a pair for myself, but I hate hate hate DPN's....