Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stimulating the economy

Earlier this year, I was on a money diet, limiting purchases to necessities. As much as I love yarn, with several drawersful of the woolly stuff, I could not count it as a must-buy-now item. But consumer spending is up, and I am following suit. It helps that retailers are offering deep discounts (wish I could come up with a good excuse to buy a new car). I just hope I don't ruin that diet with a binge.

But sock yarn never counts as stash enhancement, does it? Especially if it is ON SALE from Simply Socks?

These big boys (150 grams!) are Online Supersocke DK weight, in manly colors, colors I thought would stripe.

But no. I started a chevron-patterned sock and came to the conclusion this collection is more variegated than stripey. I think I can still make use of them.

For the inner girly, I grabbed more Online Supersocke but in fingering weight. Now these will stripe.

Maybe it is a spring thing, but I am drawn to working with the brights instead of the darks right now, even though DK socks work much faster.

(Side note on Online: This yarn is 75% wool, and 25% polyamid, whatever that is, and while I know it knits up fine, it just ain't the same as 100% superwash merino.)

While I was not buying yarn, it seemed like a lot of other knitters were also not buying yarn. I worried for the LYS's in my town. Sarah Jane's had a knit-in a week or so ago, and I thought about going, picturing a handful of knitters lounging on the couches by the fireplace, sipping tea between rows. I didn't go, and it is probably just as well because it was SRO. Check out their blog if you don't believe me.

I did stop by today, though, just to buy some Eucalan. Really. But somehow I left with a sackful of Lamb's Pride Bulky.

Now, when I get sick of socks on US1 or US2 DPNs, I can whip out my US10s or even US11s and felt me a bag or two.

Until then, I will continue to work on Fool's Rush.

I actually finished these, but when my daughter tried them on, they were too short. Way too short. What was I thinking?!? So I ripped back the toes and am now making additions. Fortunately, it is an interesting but not frustrating pattern, so I don't mind. Too much.

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Angela said...

Hey there! It's cool that you're helping out the LYS. Nice colors! I'm so tempted right now to get even more sock yarn. I'm actually having a little campaign to teach knitting to save the economy. Check it out here.