Sunday, April 05, 2009

Not so prolific

I stopped by Ravelry this morning, which painfully revealed how little knitting I have accomplished this year so far. This is partly due to my trying some new and difficult things like toe-up socks and twined knitting, both of which kind of bummed me out. The Fools Rush socks and their cohort the Dublin Bay socks are coming to my rescue, though, and I am enjoying knitting again.

Less knitting is also the result of more spindling, which is very, very addicting. Some evenings I'm hesitant to pick up the spindle because I know I will not want to stop.

And as if that weren't enough:

Yes, that is a dye kit. I picked this up at the Indiana Alpaca Invitational. At least I did not come home with an alpaca or three.

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Shea said...

Your cat is gorgeous!