Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finders keepers

My massage therapist mentioned she had seen what looked like a spinning wheel in a local used furniture shop.

Looks like a wheel to me, too.  There are pieces missing, but for $35 I decided that even if it never becomes more than home decor, it was worth it.  My SO picked up a couple of books from the library on wheel repair.  Wish us luck!

The same day the wheel came through my front door, Respect the Spindle arrived.  Ordinarily, I would skip the verbiage and head right for the instructions, but Abby Franquemont tells an interesting tale of how she learned to spindle, the role of spindling in the world and world history, the physics behind how spindles work (the science is helpful for selecting the right spindle for a given result), and why spindling is superior to spinning.  I'm enjoying the read and I haven't even gotten to the instructions yet!

When I ordered the above book, I also ordered Productive Spindling.  I haven't had the chance to really look at this one, but now I think I have enough books on spinning/spindling.  It's time to just do it.

Re the Every Way Wrap, I have completed the recommended number of pattern repeats, but I think the wrap isn't long enough.  I counted rows on my swatch, and assuming the wrap will block similarly, two more pattern repeats should do it.  This is for my daughter, so I am going to measure her today, to make sure the target length is appropriate.  After about four pattern repeats, I settled comfortably into the cabling and am a little sad to be nearing the end.  There are some cabled socks in my future, though.

Even though I did not sign up for any of the knitting Olympics, I have been knitting while watching the Olympics.  Are other knitters doing the same?  Watching the Olympics, I mean?  Because it is very distracting and leaves me prone to losing track of which row I am on.  Were I working on anything very challenging (and sometimes garter or stockinette is challenge enough), I would have to turn off the TV.

The purple socks are rapidly running out of yarn, so the search for more will be instituted soon.  Does anybody out there have any Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solid in PURPLE?  All I need is enough for the toes.


Qutecowgirl said...

Ooooo Pretty!

If it is an Ashford (which it looks like it might be) if you go to their website there should be put together directions and spare parts. They are very helpful. Also there are several spinning groups on ravelry. I know the ashford one has plenty of people who know their stuff.

Good luck!!

Shea said...

Oh, I'm jealous. That wheel is so pretty. Even if you have to do some repair work on it, $35 is a steal.

As far as the Olympics goes, I'm not on any team either. But I am knitting away during it. I don't watch it as much as listen to it. The project that I'm working on doesn't really require a lot of counting, so I think I'm safe.

Toni said...

Score!!!! It looks great even just as a piece of furniture!!!!