Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No felting here

I forgot to mention that I did knit up a swatch of the worsted weight yarn I used for the Quickie Socks and threw it in the laundry.  It went through the washer AND dryer and while it did pick up a fair amount of lint and pet hair, it did not felt.  So that yarn must have been the superwash worsted I vaguely remember buying a long, long time ago.  My daughter tried on the socks and they are a perfect fit.

Hopefully, these socks will be just as satisfying.

I'm actually farther along than this pic shows.  Both heels are, well, not turned exactly, because these socks sport forethought heels, which are like afterthought heels but you install them inline.  While working on sock #1, I dwelt on how much I hate fore/afterthought heels, but by the time I finished #2, I was getting the hang of it.

The knitting of baby blanket #1 is done - time for seaming (ugh!) and the border.

I tried seaming two the other night, using the recommended mattress stitch, but I do not like the results.  When I get up the gumption, I will try weaving them together instead.

And I finished up a garterlac dishcloth, but no pic because my camera and I are having a quarrel over how swiftly it eats batteries now.  It didn't used to do that, even after I dropped it a while back, but now it is definitely a problem.  I'm wondering if it is time for a new camera.

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