Friday, May 28, 2010

Toilet runner

Another FO!  One of those projects that just kind of gets started, then when it is 90% done, bogs down.

All I wanted to do was replace the hand towel on the back of the toilet with something a little bit nicer.  Only by leaving the project by my bedside and committing to four rows a night did this get done.

Pattern:  None.  Just started knitting double seed stitch, but for the bendy places, knit a row of reverse stockinette, and inch or so of stockinette, and another row of reverse stockinette to get it to hang nicely over the ends of the toilet.
Yarn:  Elmore-Pisgah cotton in "Shaded Denim".  For some reason, I bought spools of this stuff a long time ago.
Needles:  US7 straights

Now, time for grandbaby knitting!

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