Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Finally it is cool enough to wear the alpaca Mistake Rib scarf I knit last spring.  It is also cool enough for hand knit socks, but I have been wearing them for a while because in my office, thanks to the HVAC system, there is no sweating, except from nerves or stress.  We moved to a new "green" building recently which is even colder, and now I need wool sweaters as well.  Good thing I have picked up the Bog Jacket again, and maybe I will "man up" and finish seaming the Minimalist Cardigan as well.

So, how long should a WIP be a WIP before one gives up on it?  The WIPs I have the most trouble picking up again are the crocheted ones.  Originally, I was a hooker and not a knitter, but now I am a knitter who occasionally crochets.  I tried learning filet crochet, but it's too fiddly for me.

I have also tried to become a spinner and have aspirations to be a dyer.  Toward the latter, I recently "harvested" the marigolds in my garden, storing the petals in the freezer until that magical time when there will be more than 24 hours in a day and/or I will no longer need to sleep and/or the stops setting.  

I have also started saving the dry skins of onions.  The robins beat me to the poke berries, though.

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