Wednesday, November 30, 2011


At first, I was hoping to name this post "Two steps forward, one step back" because I had to redo the sleeves when I realized I had forgotten to include the decreases.

But after correcting my error and continuing on my way, I RAN OUT OF YARN.

WAH! The sleeves are about elbow length, NOT what I was aiming for. I tried looking on Ravelry for duplicate colorway (8401) and dye lot (9338), but their search feature leaves a lot to be desired. And most knitters don't record the dye lot anyway. So I emailed the store where I purchased it, to see if they have more (because of course I did not purchase it locally). If so, maybe they will be willing to mail me an order. Otherwise, I may have to drag the sweater from LYS to LYS, looking for a match. Unless one of you has a suggestion?

I am also stuck on the mitered crosses blanket, but only because of personal dissatisfaction with joining the squares. The pattern recommends a three-needle bind off, which I am not loving. I tried slip stitching and single crocheting as well. Next I will try a simple whipstitch.

So, I'm stuck working on my baby cables.

It has been a while since I've knitted socks, and it is nice to return to an old standby.

And let's finish off with another pic of Toddler N, this time modeling the Debbie Bliss hooded pullover.



Chrisknits said...

Not in my stash, but I used to work for a shop that closed and she still has her 220 stash, so I will contact her to see if she has any.

CeltChick said...

"Amen" to your "adorable!", as she's all that. Good luck on the search for a match!

Abby said...

Hmmm. I see that colorway is backordered at Webs. Must be popular.