Thursday, December 18, 2014


Do you get stuck at certain points of knitting projects? I certainly do, which is where I am right now. Most of these sticking points are repeat offenders: seams on sweaters, thumbs on mittens, grafting ribbing or garter stitch, buttons.

I have a sweater that I started in 2008, finished knitting and blocking, that has yet to be pieced together. There are three sweaters I wear despite having no closures; I recently purchased a zipper for one and buttons for another, but the third defies a definitive solution. My granddaughter's belated birthday sweater lacks only buttons, which I have but have not sewn on. My first colorwork, a pair of mittens, lacks one thumb. Another pair has not gotten past the first mitten, which also awaits a thumb. Then there is a ribbed moebius scarf that has yet to become an endless loop.

I hit snags when knitting socks - casting on toes, turning heels, binding off ribbing - but with a little peace and quiet, I can get past these. Projects that require a lot of counting can also grind to a halt, but eventually they move on. Anything fiddly, however, is my Waterloo.

What are your UFO hangups?

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Toni said...

I seem to be a bit of a free-thinker on mine. I let one sweater languish for years over seams, one is currently marinating over a button band, and a shawl is in the Project Protection Program right now because if I finally finish the edging, I'll have to attach it. Anything can stop me on a big project, I think.