Friday, May 11, 2007

Manly in Pink

Spring has sprung finally, and it is difficult to be online when one can be outside, thus the dearth of postings. And the knitting has been lagging as well, but I haven't abandoned the needles completely. After all, one needs something to do while resting on the deck and listening to the wrens. Just don't leave the knitting outside by itself or it might become someone's nesting material.

Wool is a little sticky to work with in warm weather, but cotton does not mind slightly sweaty fingers. I knitted up a couple of dishcloths for my son, using non-dishcloth patterns. I chose Lion Cotton "Americana" since red-white-blues seemed less frou-frou, more manly than the other variegated yarns, but I hadn't noticed the pink. He's secure in his masculinity, though, and is not afraid of a little girly color.

Washcloth #1 is based on the "Diagonal Pattern Baby Blanket" (free on the Lion Brand website). It is all garter stitch except for the yo's and k2tog's to create the border.

Washcloth #2 is all linen stitch, which I learned from a pattern in my 2007 Pattern-A-Day Knitting Calendar (the April 17th entry). This produced a stiffer, denser fabric.

Yesterday a giant pile of mulch arrived in my driveway just hours before my son came to visit. Funny - the same thing happened last year! Time to get to it.

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