Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Agony of Defeat

I am crying "Uncle" on the mango baby hoodie. There I was, in the homestretch of construction, when I unmindfully seamed the hood and equally unmindfully attached it to the body. Nothing was centered correctly, which is not new for me, but somewhere along the line, while procrastinating on finishing this project, I had started to weave in ends, including the ones I now needed to unweave and unsew. I tried several times to undo my work, but I just could not find the right places to undo. I did find some wrong places to undo, though, unraveling some knitting that did not need unraveling. The splitty Lion Brand Microspun did not help the situation, either.

My daugher has suggested in the past, when I complained about a particular knitting project, that I just not finish it. That goes against my grain, but this time I think I will take her advice. I have allowed this baby hoodie to stand between me and new projects I have wanted to start, but no more. It will go into the yarn leftover bag, to be dealt with sometime in the unforeseeable future.

Whew. I feel better already!

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