Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

I would feel bad about not posting more often except that many of the blogs I read regularly are similarly on summer hiatus. But I have been knitting!

Just finished these, for my daughter's fiance:

They match! Self-striping sock yarn is fun but getting the socks to match is funner.

Here is a burp rag to go with the baby bib:

So now Grandmother Petersen has a matched set when Keegan comes to visit:

See Mason-Dixon Knitting for how-to.

I just could not send off the no hair day cap without something more normal, to show I am not completely whacko and just trying to use up the Fun Fur.

The pattern is from 2007 Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar. July 24 describes the "Channel Island Cast On" which creates this nice picot edging.

I had to practice this a few times before getting it right. Then July 25 provides the pattern for "La Mancha Watchcap" which is a relatively easy lace pattern.

This exhausts the Unknown Lavendar Yarn. I bought this soft, silky, acrylic baby yarn with the intent of using it for chemo caps. One baby cap, 5 premie caps, and one chemo cap later, all that remains is 3 grams. The yarn band is long gone, but the next time I am in Joann's, I will try to figure out just what it was.

My sweetie has been busy, too, concocting this swift from a photo. Not bad for not really knowing how a swift works. I tried it out so he could see it in action, and now he is making refinements.

This yarn is skein 3 of the so-called one-skein shawl. This is on purpose. I wanted a nice and easy, no-brainer project, using nice yarn on size 7 needles, and I knew I would need more than one skein of yarn. After two skeins, I took the shawl off the needles, to see if it was ready for the border (it is), but I used the same black yarn to thread through the stitches, and now am having trouble getting the shawl back on the needles. But I shall prevail!

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Qutecowgirl said...

Wow. You have been busy!!! I am so jealous that your sweetie made you a swift. That is so amazing!! and just from a picture!!!