Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not My Fault

I am pet-sitting for my daughter and son-in-law again. Last time I "helped out" I managed to kill all the tropical fish. The cats are pretty hardy, but when I stopped by Monday night, I could not find one of them. I searched high and low, upstairs and down. I even stepped inside each of the rooms that had been closed off and called, but no Lily.

I talked to my daughter later that night, to ask if Lily had any special hiding places. Check the window sills behind the curtains. Okay. I returned the next night, with a flashlight for dark corners, but still no Lily. Their house is not that big; she had to be there somewhere. So I started checking the closed rooms and there she was, hiding under the bed in the guest room, with no intention of coming out.

She looked okay, despite being locked up without food or water (or litter box!) from Sunday morning to Tuesday night, and by now Baxter was hissing at me, so I left the door open and hoped she would emerge eventually. And tonight, when I returned, there she sat on the couch, eager for some attention. What a relief!

Now, here is where I would show you some knitting pix, but Blogger is being balky tonight. Maybe next time.

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Shea said...

HaHa! You sound like my sister in law. Every time she pet sits for us, she kills at least half our fish tank without even trying. It's become a running joke now. When we call to check up on everybody, we always ask if she's killed any of the fish yet! :)