Monday, July 14, 2008

Left Behind

Most people knit a swatch, if they knit a swatch at all, before they start a project. Not me. I get over halfway through a sweater, then start having misgivings about the end result. So, yes, I knit a swatch for Sitcom Chic on US7 and US6 needles, to see if I liked a tighter fabric. Then I soaked and blocked said swatch, and look what happened:

The yarn bled a little, but unevenly. This does not spell ruination for the sweater, but it did give me pause. Also, the gauge did not vary much between the three needles sizes I have used, but the fabric is definitely tighter on the smaller ones. Since I could not decide what to do about all this, I decided to do nothing.

So Sitcom Chic did not get to accompany us to Niagara Falls.

We are in Canada today, to see what we can see from across the border. Then on to Cooperstown!

1 comment:

Toni said...

Hey, yarn that bleeds does not deserve outings.... :)

Have a wonderful trip!