Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pleasant Surprise

Even though there are a few loose ends and they haven't been blocked, I tried on the Embossed Leaves socks.

They fit me! I'm a little shocked because the whole time I was knitting them, I fretted about them being too small. They are a little shorter than I like, but they will definitely do.

After finishing the Embossed Leaves socks, I tried to cast on Go with the Flow socks (also from Favorite Socks) while riding in the car. (Note to self: if you want a smooth ride while crossing New York, take the Thruway, not the Southern Tier.) After several failed attempts, I gave up. Instead, I played around with the log cabin design from Mason-Dixon Knitting, eventually producing this:

I'm not sure what it will become, but I like the colors.

Last night and today I did manage to get Go with the Flow cast on and knit the cuffs. I don't know why, but cuff #2 was nearly impossible to get beyond the third round without a major mishap. I bet I started that sock a dozen times before finally succeeding.

The yarn for both Embossed Leaves and Go with the Flow is Cherry Tree Hill supersock. A while back, I commented that this yarn's colors were kind of ho-hum, but I officially call a take-back on that opinion. The yarn has a shine to it that works wonderfully with fancy stitchery. I'm loving it now.

Which brings up one of my personal vexations: that I cannot see a project in a yarn. Or, if I do see a project in a yarn, my vision has no relationship to reality. The Sitcom Chic sweater falls into this category. Using pima tencel seemed like a good idea but it is not working out very well.

I don't see the possibilities in patterns, either. Many a time I have viewed a pattern and thought, Nope, not for me, only to see the beautiful results someone else produced with just a few modifications. I'm left to wonder, How did they get this from that?

Maybe my eye for yarn and design will improve with experience, but I am also discouraged by how few projects I have been finishing lately. Some of the knitting bloggers I follow crank stuff out left and right. Even though knitting is not a competition, it's hard not to compare their productivity to mine. In my heart of hearts, I want to become an expert knitter (and spinner and dyer), but I think the best I can hope for is above average.


Toni said...

Don't get discouraged--I used to think I would NEVER make a sweater that turned out like I wanted it to. In fact, I just found my first sweater ever--made in high school or junior high--and it is SO awful! I'll be sharing it on my blog one of these days. And I still frogged 5 or 6 WIPs this summer because they just weren't coming out as I had hoped. But it gets better with experience!

Debbie said...

They're beautiful! I made a pair of Embossed Leaves and then my dh washed them. Now they're potholders. Good call on the superwash!