Friday, July 17, 2009


OFO = Officially Finished Object

The Slouch:

Pattern: Slouch from Mother-Daughter Knits
Yarn: Classic Elite Duchess in "Genteel Gray"
Needles: US11
Modifications: None

The Slouch is basically a big tube with a little ribbing at each end. A ribbon gets woven in vertically, but I'm leaving that step up to my daughter (WHO MAYBE WILL SUPPLY A PHOTO THEN, HINT-HINT). The yarn felt stiff, like cotton, while knitting, but really softened up after a soak-n-block. The yarn also shed a bit while being knit, but maybe post-blocking the angora will adhere to the wool and cashmere.

Re lace knitting, I've temporarily abandoned Cold Mountain for Seascape, which has given me the idea that maybe what I'm not liking about Cold Mountain is the needle size. While contemplating starting over AGAIN, I will carry on with Seascape. Both may be found at knitty.

My lunchtime knitting has mostly been Mittnz, as they are quick and easy.

The infant mittens are based on a pattern from Lizzie, the others are Life Line Mittens from Mariella, each with a few modest modifications. Five pairs down, four to go!

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