Friday, September 04, 2009

The ugly truth

While unearthing all those long neglected projects, I found myself categorizing them according to their status and what further needs to be done.

UFO = Unfinished Object, long abandoned

DoOver = Project that I considered finished at one time but now see that something needs to be corrected or added or redone

Tribbles - find instructions so I can finish these - UFO

February Lady Sweater - sew on buttons - UFO

Minimalist Cardigan - sew pieces together - UFO

Denim Fat Bottom Bag - add lining - DoOver

Chocolate Fat Button Bag - finish crocheting, line, add handles - UFO

Vintage bag - seam, line, add handles - UFO

Baby Hoodie - seam, add button - UFO

One skein baby sweater - seam, add button - UFO

Twined mitts - finish knitting - UFO

Red, red, red sweater - change to V-neck - DoOver

Sunray shawl - reblock to form points (rays) - DoOver

Sitcom Chic - add buttons - DoOver

Hedgerow socks - completely reknit - DoOver

Apparently, I am allergic to buttons, linings, and seams.

There are 13 projects here and 17 weeks in the regular NFL season, so even if I miss a few games, my goal is still very attainable, except for the twined mitts and Hedgerow socks - those may take a while. Or I could double (even triple) up some of those really easy ones, and extend the whole effort into the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Then I would have no excuses left at all.

Wish me luck!

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Noelle said...

good luck!