Friday, September 11, 2009

Ready, set, go!

Football season started last night. I contemplated waiting until Sunday to start on my UFOs, but since I had a pinched nerve in my hip, sitting on a heating pad while knitting seemed like a really good idea. I finished the knitting of the Tribbles, and now just need to perform the final assembly. That would have occurred last night, but I had to abandon the game at halftime because it was bedtime.

The toe-up socks (which a co-worker dubbed the "meatball socks" because the balls of yarn look like meatballs) took a little time-out recently, which is how another pair of socks found their way onto some needles. But the toe-ups are back in action, feet done and one heel ready to be turned.

The only other news is I bought a couple of knitting books:


They are nice references to have around, in case I get the urge to knit without a pattern.

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