Friday, December 16, 2011

Knitted but not done

Sorry for my absence, but after working on a computer all day, it is difficult to go online in the evening as well. In fact, I make it a soft rule to stay offline in the evenings, just to give myself a break. But I wanted to post something before I forget what I am working on. So here are four cowls I've recently knitted.

Kerchief Cowl

Schmatta 1

Schmatta 2


And here are the buttons to go on the cowls.

I think I should make Sunday a sew-on-buttons day. Sounds like a good activity to watch football by.

Meanwhile, I am almost done with the Gridded Kitchen Towel.

I made a mistake near the beginning, something I did not discover until near the end. But if I duplicate the mistake at the other end, then a flaw becomes a feature, right?

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