Monday, December 26, 2011



This pattern is a good one for stash busting if you have a lot of spare cotton yarn on hand (which I do, for some stupid reason). I also think this pattern would make good dishrags and hot pads because of the garter ridges.


Pattern: Gridded Kitchen Towel
Yarn: Lion Brand Lion Cotton Solid in 'Espresso' and Pisgah Yarn Peaches & Cream Ombres in 'Daisy Ombre'
Needles: US7
Modifications: I cast on 66 stitches after trying the recommended 87 because it seemed HUGE, but am now hoping it does not shrink a lot, as it is close to being the same size as my store-bought kitchen towels


I made a mistake at one end of the towel - purled when I should have knit, so one of those garter ridges came up missing. By the time I discovered it, I was NOT going to rip back. However, I duplicated the error at the other end of the towel, thereby turning a minus into a plus.

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Chrisknits said...

Love it. I think it would be an awesome scarf pattern, if you could stand to do it for the length of a scarf.