Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mitered Out

I finished something! More dishcloths! I may have trouble seaming garter stitch, turning hells heels, and knitting lace, but by God, I can mattress stitch stockinette! Well, more or less. I stitched these up and wove in the ends over my lunch hour at work. Not a perfect job, but perfectly good enough for dishcloths.

These were based on the Mitered Square Blanket pattern in Mason-Dixon Knitting. I used Lion Brand Lion Cotton. The variegated yarn is "Wedgwood", the blue is "Periwinkle", and the white is "White". Originally, I planned to make one dishcloth, combining the Wedgwood and Periwinkle squares, but that didn't look so hot. So then I decided to make White squares for the Wedgwood, which meant I now had 1.5 dishcloths. Naturally, I had to make two more squares for the Periwinkle, so I striped the Periwinkle and White.

These are for my daughter, so everytime she washes dishes, she will think of me.


The Anarchist Who Also Happens To Knit said...

very nice!

i also really love your lady like lace gloves. they're my first crochet project, and they're giving me hell, but yours are so inspiring!

Kristin said...

Very nice! I am all about the ballband dishcloth right now. I will have to give miters a try too!!