Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Not My Fault

Ok. I checked the notes that I jotted down two months ago that said we would meet in June but not July or August. Last week while I was at the library, I asked whether the knitting group would meet, and they said yes. I worked up some blanket squares, leaving one in an almost-done state, so I would have something to work on. I packed up the preemie caps. I rearranged my schedule to accommodate the meeting. I even took a shower and arrived on time. But no "One Stitch at a Time" meeting.

This always happens to me. When I first moved to The Fort, I tried to make new friends by enrolling in classes, attending meetings, going to events, and 9 times out of 10, the class/meeting/event would be cancelled. Or, if it weren't cancelled, I'd be the youngest person there, the next youngest being around 70, or (as in the case with a writers conference I attended last month) the only person there (at least the instructor showed up). Something in The Universe wants to keep me out of group situations, for either my protection or theirs.

But this time I thought it was safe. The group seemed large enough and stable enough to withstand my bad group karma, and knitters are a sturdy bunch. But I guess it was just not meant to be.

Think I will go play with my bunny.

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Mocha said...

Oh gosh.. Your bunny is so deliciously cute.. I am a proud owner of 3 dwarf angora too.