Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Train the Trainer

One surprise I experienced from training our replacements is that I enjoy teaching. Of course, my "students" were engaged and motivated, I did not have to give tests or grades, and my mantra was "I am not a teacher by trade" so I had an automatic out if I turned out to be a poor trainer. Definitely not like teaching in a public school system, but still. I have something new to add to my resume that might actually lead to something new someday.

On a related topic, this weekend is Women's Weekend, and L wants me to teach her how to knit socks. We are going to use worsted weight yarn on US5 needles, in hopes of actually finishing a whole sock by Sunday noon. I am trying to get my current pair worked down to the toes, though, so if we don't finish a sock, I can still show her the kitchener stitch.

WW reminds me of my New Year Resolution, to do something fun each month of the year. I may have fallen down the past few months, unless you consider installing a new furnace and AC to be "fun". Since the weather is still summerlike, I have been enjoying the improved climate inside my house (and the much lower electric bills), so I guess that sort of counts for July. August was my daughter's wedding, which went off without a hitch. The original entry for July was training our replacements, which didn't happen until September. But we did go to a staged version of Stephen King's "Misery" and the gala opening of Sandy Skoglund's "Truth Between Opposition" that month. October is WW. November I am visiting my dad in New England, plus my daughter and son-in-law are hosting Thanksgiving. My son will be visiting for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we'll have to go on a hike or two, if nothing else. So, for the first time in history, I will actually achieve my New Year's Resolution! (Knock on wood.)

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-R- said...

What a fantastic idea: (at least) one fun thing per month. I am totally stealing this idea from you!