Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Smell of Wet Wool

The Minimalist Cardigan is blocking. This was the first time I soaked my knitting in the washing machine and spun out the excess water. What a novel idea - using a labor-saving device to save labor.

The back of the MC looks fine... do the front panels...

...but these sleeves look odd.

When knitting them, I thought This can't be right, and read the directions several times. I finally decided to go with it because I can always rip out the extra length at the top of the sleeves.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to seam double moss stitch.

On an unrelated topic, I am finding the DNC to be better knitting TV than the Olympics. I've been trying to get a red Danish-themed tunic-length sweater-thing going, but I want to knit it top down with drop shoulders. My first attempt failed miserably. All the top down sweater patterns I can find have raglan sleeves. Has anyone seen one with drop shoulders?

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Debbie said...

I think it's beautiful. Is the color really purple? It's hard to tell online sometimes. I love it.