Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What a Dork Am I

I was feeling bad that I had not even started work on any of my knitting goals for this year, so when I discovered this Louet Drop Spindle kit from Spritely Goods, I leaped for it.

(And treated myself to some 'Coffee Pot Rock' yarn while I was at it).

Funny thing is, I was eyeballing my things-to-learn list today and discovered spinning is not on it. Oh, well!

The last couple of fiber fests I attended, I meant to purchase a drop spindle, but the selections were overwhelming and I was too shy to ask the vendor for help. So this kit is just what I needed - someone else to pick out the spindle and provide me with some roving and include instructions, even though I do have a copy of Start Spinning.

Hopefully, this stuff won't wind up in the closet with the needle felting project I bought at my first fiber festival.

When I started the Minimalist Cardigan, I moved it from my Ravelry queue to a WIP. Funny thing is, I had already chosen a yarn for it, and not the Lily Chin I was using. A few days later, while rummaging in my stash, I found a sweater's worth of maroon wool from Elann. Oh. That's right. I bought this yarn for the MC. Forgot all about it when I ordered the Lily Chin. Oh, well!

BTW, the back of the MC is done.

Time to start the front panels.

Regarding the Go with the Flow socks, we have turned the heels:

On to the gussets.

Well, maybe later, because right now I am dog tired.

P.S. Don't forget to visit my home and garden blog and sign up for the contest. Deadline is 08-08-08.


Qutecowgirl said...

Welcome to spinning!!! it can be just as addicting as knitting!! Just a warning =)

Toni said...

Good luck with the spinning!

And hey, at least you can remember what you bought the yarn for--that's something! I have some deep stash that I had long forgotten about. I'm choosing to look at it as "bonus" yarn, rather than being such a dork that I don't even remember having purchased the yarn in the first place....:)

Hopelovepeace said...

Hey, you posted Maggie's book link! Awesome! She is so wonderful!