Friday, December 10, 2010

Not a newborn blob anymore

Babies grow so fast.  One minute their feet are too tiny for the infant socks, the next they are outgrowing them.

Dancin' feet!

Growing out of one size sweater, into the next.

Please ignore the spit-up on my face.


Meanwhile, I am a bit bogged down on the xmas socks.  I thought choosing fairly vanilla patterns would help me knit them faster, but instead I am getting bored.  I will be lucky to get pair #3 done in time; pair #4 may be just a promise on xmas eve.

It doesn't help that I started another project: a Moebius vest that morphed into a scarf once I realized I would not have enough yarn for the former.  Lately, I have had the urge to use up some of my stash.  That urge has not translated into not buying more yarn - according to Webs, a boxful is winging its way here right now - but maybe the stash has reached critical mass and I feel I must divest before I invest in more.  Or something like that.  Anyway, between three and four skeins of Lamb's Pride Bulky is about two-thirds on its way to becoming something warm and wearable.

Speaking of warm and wearable, I have been making good use of the Bog Jacket lately.  One thing I can't understand, though, is why, wherever I go, nobody stops me to ask, "Did you knit that?" or to say, "I LOVE your sweater!" or to proclaim, "YOU are a knitting GENIUS."  What is up with that?


flurrious said...

She is getting to be such a pretty girl. Even with spit-up on her face, you can see she's going to be heartbreaker.

A. Warped, knitter said...

Wow! Did you knit those sweaters? I love them!
No kidding 'tho', those bog jackets are clever. Guess you just aren't in the company of other knitters.
Babies do grow fast but that just gives proud grandmas more opportunity to knit cute sweaters for them.
Have a great Christmas.