Thursday, December 09, 2010

It's about time

The knitting for these gloves has been done for a while now.  The buttons were purchased at least a week ago, at Joann's.  The gloves were soaked some time back.  Only today did I finally sew the buttons on.  Now they are finished, just in time for some snowy winter weather.

Pattern:  Ringwood Gloves by Rebecca Blair (pattern on knitty)
Yarn:  Colinette Cadenza in 'Copperbeach'
Needles:  US5 DPNs
Modifications:  None

It's difficult to capture on "film" just how pretty this yarn is, especially in the ringwood stitch.  However, the fabric is very stretchy, so take that into consideration when choosing needles and size.  I have large hands, but the medium size was plenty big, even after dropping a needle size from the one recommended by the pattern.

These are to wear with my brown faux shearling coat, along with the Mistake Rib scarf.  Now all I need is a hat to complete the ensemble.

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Anonymous said...

They're beautiful! Gloves are on my list of items to try knitting. All those fingers are daunting!