Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last socks of the year

With this pair, I am done with socks for 2011. No sock WIPs are being carried over into 2012, which is unusual.

Pattern: Four-Stitch Ribbing Patterns by Charlene Schurch, baby cables
Yarn: Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Socka Degradee Color, colorway 106
Needles: US1
Modifications: none but I cast on with a 2x2 ribbing stitch

And that is also the last of the Degradee except for a skein that is becoming a scarf.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Baby needs a new pair of mittens

It still is not very winterlike around here - a bit of snow here and there, but its not sincere - but it still became obvious that Toddler N needed some mittens. So while she napped, I whipped out these:

In the pink!

Pattern: Child's Mitten
Yarn: Wool-Ease, I think, left over from who knows what
Needles: US3 DPNs
Modifications: None

With toddlers, you never know what they will like and what they won't like, but she seems to like all her grandma knits.

Ready for Rhinebeck!

I have not knit her any socks beyond the infant ones she rapidly outgrew, but I'm sure that will change.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Startitis needs to turn to finishitis

While I realize that my WIP in pile is nothing, nothing compared to some, it does weigh heavy on my mind. Not that that stops me from casting on something new, but still. Lets see just where we stand. (Note: I am not including any WIP that is not on my Ravelry page - some projects are best not mentioned.)

Minimalist Cardigan - All this needs are some seams. Please, please, knitting gods, give me a little fortitude, to finish this. It will expand my minimalist wardrobe greatly.

Belinda - This is finished, sort of. I bound off, then decided it needs a few more rows. The undoing of the bind off is my undoing - this is Kidsilk Haze.

Historic Danish shawl - This is languishing because I am afraid I will run out of yarn, and then what will I do? Plus, the yarn is not very knitworthy, as it was spun for weaving. I'm tempted to take up weaving, just to use this yarn for its intended purpose.

Mitered Crosses blanket - What is holding me up here is indecision about how best to assemble the squares. I've tried several methods, none of which I like very much. Maybe kitchener?

Baby cable socks - These I have been working on and have just the toes to knit.

Suspender cardigan - I am happy to report that GardeningWitch supplied me with a skein of yarn (and some stitch markers! She is one of those naturally generous people I try to emulate). Again, finishing this sweater will expand my wardrobe.

Mohair Bias loop - I put this away for the holidays, to keep it out of harm's way, and there it sits. My only excuse is it's Kidsilk Haze.

Cowls - There are four of them, all still waiting for their buttons. I decided to block them before buttoning them, but I'm sure they are dry by now. Seams and buttons - my downfall!

Scarves - While knitting the cowls, I would bind off one and drape it over the back of my neck while casting on another, and discovered just how much they helped ward off the winter chill. So I started wearing this scarf with a navy sweater that is usually not warm enough by itself. And now I want more "inside" scarves, ones that I can wear as accessories. So I started two. In fingering. What was I thinking?!?

And that is the end of the list. What's in your WIP pile?

Monday, December 26, 2011



This pattern is a good one for stash busting if you have a lot of spare cotton yarn on hand (which I do, for some stupid reason). I also think this pattern would make good dishrags and hot pads because of the garter ridges.


Pattern: Gridded Kitchen Towel
Yarn: Lion Brand Lion Cotton Solid in 'Espresso' and Pisgah Yarn Peaches & Cream Ombres in 'Daisy Ombre'
Needles: US7
Modifications: I cast on 66 stitches after trying the recommended 87 because it seemed HUGE, but am now hoping it does not shrink a lot, as it is close to being the same size as my store-bought kitchen towels


I made a mistake at one end of the towel - purled when I should have knit, so one of those garter ridges came up missing. By the time I discovered it, I was NOT going to rip back. However, I duplicated the error at the other end of the towel, thereby turning a minus into a plus.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Knitted but not done

Sorry for my absence, but after working on a computer all day, it is difficult to go online in the evening as well. In fact, I make it a soft rule to stay offline in the evenings, just to give myself a break. But I wanted to post something before I forget what I am working on. So here are four cowls I've recently knitted.

Kerchief Cowl

Schmatta 1

Schmatta 2


And here are the buttons to go on the cowls.

I think I should make Sunday a sew-on-buttons day. Sounds like a good activity to watch football by.

Meanwhile, I am almost done with the Gridded Kitchen Towel.

I made a mistake near the beginning, something I did not discover until near the end. But if I duplicate the mistake at the other end, then a flaw becomes a feature, right?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Good news!

Re the yarn shortage for the Suspender Cardigan: Ravelry to the rescue! Despite the quirky search feature in their yarn section (you can enter the lot number as a search criteria, but it doesn't seem to do anything), I found some knitters with matching yarn. GardeningWitch is sending me a skein (all the way from the UK!), and if that is not enough, I have an offer of a half-skein from LauraB69. Aren't knitters grand?

Meanwhile, I have been cowling away - four are completed, using three different patterns. I will post pictures and details once the buttons are added.

And the baby cable socks are progressing nicely.

And if that were not enough, I started a Gridded Kitchen Towel. I guess I am in the mood to bust some cotton stash.