Sunday, February 28, 2010


The purple Diagonal Cross-Rib socks are 100% done.

Pattern:  Diagonal Cross-Rib socks from Favorite Socks
Yarn:  Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solid in purple
Needles:  US2 and US1 DPNs (cuffs and top of leg in US2, rest in US1)
Modifications:  None, except the toe ends with a different number of stitches on the instep and sole, so I knit one more round, decreasing the extra stitches.

With a 70-stitch cast on, I figured these would fit me, and I was right.

The diagonal cross-rib slants in opposite directions on each sock, which added interest to the knit, although I had to keep track of which one went which way.

Between the number of stitches around and the elongated length of the legs, plus my big feet, it is no wonder I used up every bit of yarn in the 4-oz skein.  Oh.  I just noticed that this pattern is designed to fit a man.  Ha!  Just call me Big Foot.

The red Quickie socks from Joy of Sox made some progress, lost some headway, then surged back.  Following the short row heel instructions just did not seem to be working for me, so I checked the publisher's website for errata.  All I found was a typo in the gauge.  When I turned the second heel, though, I modified the pattern and liked the results well enough that I redid the first sock's heel.  And only then did I check the pattern on Ravelry.  There are more errata there, including the corrections I figured out for myself.

These socks still look way too small, but the pattern says they are stretchy.  We'll see just how stretchy they are.  And I thought the yarn was some superwash merino I bought a while ago, but from wrestling with it, I'm guessing I am confused about its washability.  If they are too small for anyone, maybe I will wash them and see if they felt/shrink, and if they do, they can become xmas tree ornaments.

And since I think the above socks will finish up quickly, I started another pair yesterday.

The Chevron pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, in the chevron stitch, in my last skein of ONline Supersocke 100.  I really don't like this yarn.  It's too thin, has no body, and the colors in the stripes tend to be muddy, although this particular colorway is better than usual.  These are for my daughter because, well, she's my daughter.

Also for my daughter is the Every Way Wrap, which is all done but for the blocking.

The final ribbing took forEVER because I kept screwing up thanks to an exciting Olympics.  I'm anxious to see how the cables plump after a good soak.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fun in a box, and I can't believe it.

Simply Socks has some soon-to-be-discontinued sock yarn on sale, at a price too stupidly low to ignore.

Knitting socks with self-striping yarn is fun, even when using a generic sock pattern.  I find ONline stripes to be a bit muddy, but these look like they will be crisp and clean.  Also, some manly colors!

Meanwhile, I finished knitting the purple socks with about a yard of yarn to spare.

I kept telling myself I would knit until I ran out, then gauge my panic by how close to the toe I was.  But I never ran out.  Incredible!

And then, since I had a meeting today at work, I started another pair.

My SO picked up a copy of The Joy of Sox at the library.  This pattern is called Quickie Socks (yes, all the pattern names consist of sexual innuendos) and is knit in worsted.  I can't recall reading about this book anywhere, even though it has a little essay by Crazy Aunt Purl about her "first time"... knitting socks.  The book has knitting how-to's, but it also includes some interesting asides, like how to decipher the color repeats in hand-dyed yarn.  Very interesting.  And the book is spiral bound.  I wish all knitting books were spiral bound.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finders keepers

My massage therapist mentioned she had seen what looked like a spinning wheel in a local used furniture shop.

Looks like a wheel to me, too.  There are pieces missing, but for $35 I decided that even if it never becomes more than home decor, it was worth it.  My SO picked up a couple of books from the library on wheel repair.  Wish us luck!

The same day the wheel came through my front door, Respect the Spindle arrived.  Ordinarily, I would skip the verbiage and head right for the instructions, but Abby Franquemont tells an interesting tale of how she learned to spindle, the role of spindling in the world and world history, the physics behind how spindles work (the science is helpful for selecting the right spindle for a given result), and why spindling is superior to spinning.  I'm enjoying the read and I haven't even gotten to the instructions yet!

When I ordered the above book, I also ordered Productive Spindling.  I haven't had the chance to really look at this one, but now I think I have enough books on spinning/spindling.  It's time to just do it.

Re the Every Way Wrap, I have completed the recommended number of pattern repeats, but I think the wrap isn't long enough.  I counted rows on my swatch, and assuming the wrap will block similarly, two more pattern repeats should do it.  This is for my daughter, so I am going to measure her today, to make sure the target length is appropriate.  After about four pattern repeats, I settled comfortably into the cabling and am a little sad to be nearing the end.  There are some cabled socks in my future, though.

Even though I did not sign up for any of the knitting Olympics, I have been knitting while watching the Olympics.  Are other knitters doing the same?  Watching the Olympics, I mean?  Because it is very distracting and leaves me prone to losing track of which row I am on.  Were I working on anything very challenging (and sometimes garter or stockinette is challenge enough), I would have to turn off the TV.

The purple socks are rapidly running out of yarn, so the search for more will be instituted soon.  Does anybody out there have any Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solid in PURPLE?  All I need is enough for the toes.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More progress

The heels are turned and the gussets completed on the Purple People Eater socks.

I'm growing concerned over running out of yarn.  Cherry Tree Hill does not sell solid colors anymore, but maybe someone on Ravelry would have a spare ounce or so laying around.  I hope.  But it has to be purple.  Not wisteria or amethyst, but purple.

No worries about yarn shortage on the Every Way Wrap, though.

I'm over halfway done, but have not used up half the yarn yet.  That's a good sign!

While watching the Olympics, I do knit, but I am not participating in any of the knitting Olympics events going on around the blogosphere.  That kind of pressure ruins the fun of knitting for me.  But the Olympics are a good excuse to plant my butt on the couch and twiddle with needles.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Progress report

I'm still here.  I'm still knitting, just not very fast.

Here is the final pic of the blocked Willow Cowl.

I still like the colors, but I also still think that is a lot of cowl for my neck.  I have not actually worn it yet.

This pic of the Any Way Wrap is four pattern repeats, I think.  Only 12 more to go!

I like Karabella Aurora 8, but it is very stretchy.  I'm thinking maybe it is not the best choice for cables, but I will reserve judgment until after the whole piece is blocked.

The Diagonal Cross-Rib socks feel like they are taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r, partly because I have been knitting DK socks lately and partly because the legs are 8 inches long.

Since I took this picture, I have finished the legs and moved onto the heel flaps.  After knitting one heel flap slipping stitches purlwise, I reread the instructions and discovered I was supposed to slip the stitches knitwise.  After a short internal debate, I started knitting the second heel flap knitwise, to see what the difference would be, and only later did I actually look up the errata for Favorite Socks.  There are quite a few corrected patterns, but not this one, so I guess slipping stitches knitwise is the intent.  I think it goes with the twisted rib better than the purlwise ones, but I'm not sure, which has caused me to stall.  Just pick one and go with it, lady!  It's only knitting!

An aside on the errata:  When I knit the Go with the Flow socks from this book, I complained about the gusset not looking right.  Well, guess what - it wasn't ME, it was the pattern that was wrong.  HA!  I feel vindicated!  Petty, but vindicated.