Friday, February 25, 2011

Quandry resolved

I knit up a Spiral Tweed Cloche with the remaining skein of Laughing Tree Farm yarn and did not need to steal yarn from the snood, so the latter will be added to the gift drawer while I wear the former.

Pattern:  Spiral Tweed Cloche by Veronik Avery (published in Knitting 24/7)
Yarn:  Laughing Tree Yarn 50/50 3-ply
Needles:  US8 and US7
Modifications:  None, except the pattern calls for some internal ribbon to help shape the cap, plus a big button as decoration, neither of which I have employed.  Yet.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kromboomssloot quandry

I knit up a Kromboomssloot Snood in just a few days, BUT.  I discovered that this is not a good look for me.  It looks better on my daughter, but she declared it not her style.  I used only half the yarn I designated for this project, so now I am contemplating what to do with the rest and whether I should frog the snood if I need the yarn.  Meanwhile, I won't block it yet.

Pattern: Kromboomssloot Snood from Knitting Brioche
Yarn:  Laughing Tree Farm 3-play in chocolate
Needles:  US7 (for ribbing) and US10.5 for Kromboom Tuck stitch
Modifications:  none

Monday, February 07, 2011

Happiness is a new pair of socks

Mondays are not my best days.  My weekends are too enjoyable, I guess.  What would make me feel better on this gray day?  Orange socks, of course!


Pattern:  Undulating Rib Socks, by Ann Budd (from Favorite Socks)
Yarn:  Plymouth Yarn Zino, in ? (can't find the ball band)
Needles:  US2 and US1 DPNs
Modifications:  For some reason, the arithmetic in the pattern did not quite work for me, so I made some modest modifications to center the pattern over the foot.

I have a vague memory of trying this pattern once before, without success, but I love this result.  And while I think the colorway is gorgeous, I did not like knitting this single ply yarn.  Too splitty, especially when worked off the outside of the skein.  There are plenty of beautiful yarns out there, so I see no sense in knitting one this cantankerous.