Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Not My Bag

I made myself a Fat Bottom bag (that has yet to be lined), and I offered to make one for my daughter. No, it's not finished, either, but I have purchased all the supplies. For some reason, when I drive past Joann, my car automatically turns. I did manage to get away without adding to the yarn stash.

I also made my first (and last?) trip to Hobby Lobby. My impression was that it is not a hobby store but a home decor store that happens to sell hobby supplies on the side. But they did have Hilos La Espiga Nylon no. 18, which is for the Exchange Bag, another SnB project from Happy Hooker. This one is for my SO's granddaughter.

While the resulting fabric is quite spectacular, the means to get there is painful. I have to rest my hands after every two rounds. Getting old is hell.

1 comment:

Alicia said...

your exchange bag looks great. I am not so far, as I haven't attempted the cluster stiches, yet. I love that color. I chose the orange, it is a gift for a friend. I hope mine looks as beautiful as yours