Monday, November 05, 2007

Daylight Saving

Well, yesterday's wish did not come true, but that's okay. The Colts were handicapped by several key players being on the DL, which impacted the passing game. (Don't I sound knowledgeable?) Once everyone is healthy again, the Colts will be impossible to beat. (Knock on wood!)

If Daylight Saving Time is so great, why don't we stay on it year-round? Changing the clocks back and forth is hard on us biologically and psychologically. So that is my wish for today, that the whole world abandon the clock-changing habit. Time is just an abstract concept anyway.

On the crocheting front, I finished the neverending afghan! The fringe alone took nearly an entire skein. Photos forthcoming.

Knitting progress: I am about halfway through the feet of the Jaywalker socks. For some reason, they have been a bear to knit, with many dropped stitches and much mental confusion over which row I am knitting. I feel like I am in the homestretch, though.

Next weekend, I am flying east to visit my dad, which leads to the what-do-I-take-to-knit-on-the-plane debate. Last time I flew, I think I crocheted dishcloths and knit socks on bamboo needles. Maybe a final pair of Magic Stripes socks and/or a crocheted scarf? I don't want anything too complex or too big.

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