Thursday, September 04, 2008

Being Bad

I promised myself I would work on Tropical Treat during the RNC, but 1) I have not been watching much of the RNC because I have been busy with my house renovations (see my home and garden blog), and 2) when I did watch, Sun Ray was demurely sitting there on the coffee table, whispering "You know you want to knit me." So I did. Between last night and this afternoon, I completed another pass through chart 2.

I'm almost done with one out of six skeins, so that means I'm one-sixth of the way done, right? Piece o' cake!

But look what arrived today.

It was on sale! Honest! At Flying Fingers.

The danger of being on a yarn retailer's email list is, well, yarn mysteriously appears on one's doorstep. This yarn is for Vintage Shawl, from some book (I photocopied the pattern, but the pages lack a book title). I looked for it on Ravelry, but no luck, so you will just have to wait-and-see on this one.

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