Monday, September 29, 2008

Don't Ask the Question If You Don't Want To Know the Answer

Knitting Daily recently posted a survey, and one of the questions was, How much money do you spend on yarn? I tried to give an honest answer, but without my credit card statements and a calculator on hand, it was a WAG. I'm sure it was way too low. All I know is I can't knit fast enough to use up the yarn I buy.

Oh. And here are some lovely examples.

I was looking for some smallish projects that involve cables, since I haven't had much practice with them. The Elbac scarf from knitty suggests this Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Worsted. The color is "soft sage".

Another knitty project is Dashing fingerless mitts. The helpful staff at Knitting Off Broadway suggested this Blue Sky Melange alpaca in "licorice".

And, because I have not given up on the Sitcom Chic sweater, I purchased (on sale! really!) a sweater's worth of Classic Elite Four Seasons.

The description said "pink" but I say "fuscia".

I can't start these projects unless I finish a WIP. Here is the Vintage Shawl, post-knitting but pre-stitch dropping.

The shawl is supposed to be 70" long, but this one is only 52" despite using up all the yarn. The pattern says nothing about blocking, but this is for my daughter and she would like a bit more length, so I will do something, post-stitch dropping but pre-tasseling.

I have to let go of the idea that, when the knitting is done, the project is done, because it just never is so!

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Qutecowgirl said...

I was afraid to ask that question too. The past few months I have been good but if you want to count the year Oh boy!

I did a drop stitch sorta thing for a shawl and it did grow. So maybe that is how they got 72.