Tuesday, September 23, 2008

From Blob to Wrinkled Triangle

Here is the Sun Ray shawl, post pass #6 through chart 2, pre-edging.

And post edging, awaiting a good blocking.

The picot edging will require a bazillion pins, but that's okay. Since it is 100% wool, the shawl should block better than the Falling Leaves shawl.

I was anxious to finish the knitting on Sun Ray so I could use the US9 circs on the Vintage shawl. The pattern calls for US10, but I am accustomed to dropping at least on needle size, so that is what I did. Didn't like the results, so I tried US10.5 circs. Hmmm. Still not satisfied. I finally tried US10 straights. Aha! This pattern is a dropped stitch pattern, and the straights allow me to tug on the stitching and get something that approximates the desired results.

And, if you want to look smart, find a book of poetry of the proper dimensions to make fringe.

If you can't read the title, that's Leaves of Grass, by Walt Whitman.

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