Monday, September 15, 2008


All I got are blobs of Sun Ray Shawl.

After pass #4 of chart 2.

After pass #5 of chart 2.

After pass #6, all that remains is the edging. Yarnwise, I am doing fine.

Meanwhile, the poison ivy is healing, albeit too slowly for me. In an effort to keep the itching under control, I have tried an abundance of OTC and home remedies. What works best is hot water, as hot as one can stand. The theory is the heat drives the histamines out. Best for promoting healing is pure tea tree oil. I have also tried Caladryl Clear, Benedryl Spray (which is like taking an unknown quantity of Benedryl but through one's skin), Benedryl Allergy (do NOT take together with the spray), and something called Ivy Itch ReLeaf with the main ingredient of jewel weed, nature's antidote to poison ivy. Oh, and saliva. When I get a mosquito bite, I find that spit soothes the itch. Turns out it works on poison ivy itch, too, which is handy in a pinch.

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Toni said...

Isn't lace just the biggest leap of faith? I'm sure the blob will be lovely when it's done, but I think lace would be much easier to knit if it looked good WHILE knitting...