Saturday, November 27, 2021

One down and one to go

I hope you are enjoying this holiday weekend. At this homestead, there were people and food, but the most important part is the people. We don't need a holiday to bring friends and family together, but it is a good excuse.

Now that the dining room table is not needed for a while, I moved the inkle loom back there. The only reason it was clamped to the coffee table in the den was for Zooming and for the online inkle class - I need to be close to the modem if not actually physically attached to it for video to come through without interuption. It's not an ideal setup, though, for weaving or for watching TV.

(Some of my visitors came bearing gifts. See the xmas cactus in the background? That's new.)

Knitting: Each half of the Habitation throw is as big as the other, but I want it to be larger and I want to use up more yarn, so I will keep going for now.

I'm still busy with physical therapy. My shoulder feels almost normal, there is zero pain, and I feel at least five years younger. My energy is returning as well. A lot to be grateful for.

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