Sunday, April 01, 2007

Socked Out

Finished the Magic Stripes socks this week, as well as the basic sock class socks. Blocking relaxed the fit. These are machine washable and dryable, so hopefully that will tighten them up again.

Every time I finish a project and find something not quite the way I expect, my heart sinks a bit. Scarves and afghans are very forgiving, but for something wearable to be, well, wearable, the stars must be in alignment. When will I knit with confidence?

I actually did try to start another pair of socks, this time for moi, but I'm all socked out for now. Time to move onto something new and different.


Michele said...

Love stripey socks!

SoapDoc said...

I think they're GREAT! But then again, I have never met a sock I didn't love -- and I am TOTALLY addicted to knitting them!

You must check out Cookie A's patterns. If you'd like you can see a link to them on my blog -- if you don't find something you love there, you will never find a pattern you love :)

I just saw your other pair too -- I love those as well! GREAT JOB!! Don't be so hard on yourself!