Sunday, March 28, 2010

Catching up

After spending all day on a computer at work, I rarely feel like coming home and doing more of the same in the evening.  Another reason I am a bit slow to post is my camera was not working.  Turns out the camera is fine, but the rechargeable batteries are not.  I did not realize that after a while, they won't recharge.  Boo.

First up, the garterlac dishcloth.  Side one:

Side two:

Gartelac really is reversible.  I think it is easier than entrelac, too, but not necessarily the look one wants, depending.

The lime and gray socks are done.

Pattern:  Chevron Patterns for Self-Striping Yarn (chevron stitch) from Sensationally Knitted Socks
Yarn:  ONline Supersocke 100, colorway 1055
Needles:  US1 DPNs
Modifications:  none, other than I used the old Norwegian cast on.  I think.

These have a "forethought" heel, which is supposed to create a bulls-eye effect with self-striping yarn, but this yarn was not as effective at this as the yarns in the book.  The heel also seems kind of puny.  These socks are for my daughter, so I will look forward to her assessment of their comfort.

As you can see from the pix, I did not try to match the stripes.  Instead, I knitted both socks at the same time, working off either end of the skein, which reverses the stripes.  One reason I did this was the last time I tried to match stripes, the yarn for the second sock had so many splices in it, the stripes were off kilter.  Another reason was I was too lazy to wind half the yarn into a separate ball.  But, as it turns out, I had to do that anyway when I got to the heels because you need to work with yarn from the opposite end to make the bulls-eye.

ONline is not one of my favorite yarns, but I like how these turned out.  I think this is also the last of the ONline yarn in my stash.

To use up the last of the baby acrylic, I started another Baby Surprise Jacket:

And then, not liking it, I restarted it:

The colors are pink and lavender.  As you can see, I am using YO's for the cuff (and eventually back) ease.  I tried using YO's for the other increases as well, but stacking YO's turned out not to be wise.

And, just to make sure my shoulders hurt a lot, I started a cotton runner for the back of the toilet:

I have discovered that knitting cotton is a sure way to cause my shoulders and left upper arm to cramp up.  My technique when knitting inelastic yarn needs some improvement.

Let's see.  Is that it?  I think I am all caught up now.

Sensational Knitted Socks


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love the lime socks!

A. Warped, knitter said...

The socks are great! I feel the same way about the Online as you do but, still, sometimes the color just catches my eye. And I really like the garderlac dish cloth.