Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's a girl!

I was going to say, "It's (going to be) a girl!" but it's a fact that will not change with the birth in October.  Anyway, now I know what color yarn to buy for my first grandchild.

Nothing seems to be making it to the FO pile these days.  I was on a business trip last week and took only one project and did not finish it, even though it was a baby HAT.  A reversible baby hat, which is like knitting two hats in one, but still a baby HAT.  You would think I could accomplish at least that much.

Yesterday I took my daughter shopping for some maternity clothes.  The store had a few newborn items as well.  That stuff is TINY!  My kids both weighed over nine pounds, so they never seemed very newbornish.  It is difficult for me to get my mind around just how small babies can be.  It's almost freakish!

Now I have the urge to knit teeny tiny socks.


Allison said...

Congrats! I see little pink knits in your future!

flurrious said...

I'm very late with this, but ...

Congratulations, Grandma!

Hmmm, maybe she could just call you Abby.