Sunday, August 15, 2010

Not all baby all the time

I was in the midst of knitting up a pair of baby Blu jeans (pattern may be found on knitty and in Mason-Dixon Knitting)...

... when I had the urge to knit something not baby-related.

This is Clapotis, which also may be found at knitty.  I am probably the last knitter alive who has not made one of these, but when I saw some knit from Cascade Pima Tencel on Ravelry, I could resist no longer.  I purchased the Pima Tencel a long time ago, tried it with several patterns but did not like any of the results.  It seems perfect for a shawl/wrap/scarf thingy because it is quite drapey.

Public Service Announcement: XMAS IS COMING, sooner than you think.  If I want to gift handmade socks again this year, I'd better get going on that.

BTW, the baby shower was a success.  My daughter's BF organized it and helped me clean the house beforehand(!) and decorated.  I cooked up a ton of food that was greeted enthusiastically by the crowd (you'd think these people had never eaten homemade potato salad before).  We ate, my daughter opened a boatload of gifts, we ate some more, then everyone cleared out.  Fun, but whew!

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Anonymous said...

I think I may now be the last person to make a clapotis! I have it on my list, but the list is long and time is short. For all my good intentions, I only have one and a half (being generous here) pairs of socks done for that December Holiday that Will Not Be Named in this comment. I'm right there with you on the need to get those needles flying!