Monday, September 06, 2010


I ordered more yarn for more baby things, so I thought maybe, just maybe, I should put the finishing touches on some of the other baby things I started.  And having a three-day weekend with nowhere to go (on purpose) afforded me some time to do that.  Even though most of what remained involved nothing more difficult that sewing on buttons, sewing on buttons takes a surprising amount of time.

A year's worth of BSJs
The only difference between the pix below and the pix of the same projects elsewhere in this blog is that the buttons are for real this time.

Details of the above are here.

Details of the above are here.

Details of the above are here.

Button detail
A Warped Knitter asked about the Cascade Yarns Pima Tencel I used for the Clapotis shawl.  The yarn itself is soft and silky, and the color is very rich.  It is also inelastic, so it lacks the spring of something like merino wool.  The knitted fabric has a lot of drape, which makes it a good candidate for shawls and scarves.  I liked knitting it a bit better than knitting with cotton but less than with wool.  The big disappointment is the shedding - I wore the shawl over a black sleeveless knit tank top, and by the end of the day, the top was covered with red fuzz.  Comments about the yarn on Ravelry reveal that I am not the only one who has noticed the shedding and pilling.  I purchased 15 skeins of this, originally with the intent of making a sweater, and used 7 of them on the shawl.  Not sure what I am going to do with the rest.  Maybe a wall hanging?


A. Warped, knitter said...

The little lace collar on the shades of pink Surprise is darling.
Thanks for the info on the Tencel, you've saved me some time and $$. I recently brought some Tencel shirts and the fabric is so much nicer than the Tencel shirt I brought about 8 years ago I'd hoped that the yarn had improved too.

Sonya said...

Those elephant buttons are adorable!