Monday, April 04, 2011

It's my daughter's fault

The sleep sack I made for my granddaughter has had a lot of use this winter.  Not only does Baby N sleep in it, she travels in it.  And she has not yet outgrown it.

Now my daughter wants a summer sleep sack for Baby N, more like a long jumper, to keep her warm in their air conditioned house while she sleeps.  And what knitter can resists a special request and/or the invitation to start something new?  Not me.  I'm combining some patterns and adding my own ideas to the mix, to come up with a solution, one that does not include a draw string or buttons at the bottom, because Baby N now can do this:

So progress on current projects may grind to a crawl.  Here is the status of those soon-to-be-neglected projects:

I am over halfway done with Belinda, as evidenced by the change of colors above.  The going will be slow, however, because I am now working 208 stitches per row.  Also, I prefer to knit KidSilk Haze on straights, so every one of those 208 stitches has been crammed onto one needle.  KSH is light weight, but having all those stitches on one needle can still cramp one's style.  Or hands, as the case may be.

I'm plodding along on the Danish shawl, which like many lace projects, doesn't look like much right now.  I'm anxious to get the bottom border done so I can move onto the body, which is mostly garter stitch.  Theoretically, that part should fly.

The current pair of socks feels like it is dragging, which I blame on the K2TOG's.  Otherwise, I would be cruising on these.  I like the resulting pattern, plus this is my portable project, so it shouldn't get totally neglected.

These not-quite-springlike gray and rainy days are perfect for knitting, were it not for the need to earn a living.  Stupid job.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

LOL! Love the toe-muncher! SO cute!

Ann said...

"Mmmm, toe jam!" How cute is that!