Saturday, April 28, 2012

In progress

I have a touch of startitis this spring, even though I have several projects just a button or seam away from being 100% done.

From Mason-Dixon Knitting, the Bubbly Curtain, because I got tired of being blinded by the late afternoon sun streaming into the window above my kitchen sink:

Lace always looks like a blob before blocking

The Ambidextrous Mittens from Knit One Knit All, because there was pink yarn leftover from the Suspender Sweater and Katmandu Cap:

Never enough pink

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's sock recipe from Knitting Rules!, because I almost always have a pair of socks going:

For moi

The socks I work on at work, during long boring meetings, the curtain is my go-to project for TV (up to season 6 of "Desperate Housewives"), and the mittens, well, they seem to have taken up permanent residence on the diningroom table.

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