Friday, February 19, 2016

Decisions, decisions

The self-designed poncho has hit a snag: seed stitch and stockinette stitch have different row gauges. I was hoping to join the center panel (seed stitch) with the side panels (a wide rib in stockinette) using i-cord. Since I slipped the first stitch of each row on both pieces, I knit a row of i-cord with stitches picked up from the edges of each piece, then knit a row of i-cord without picking up stitches from the edges. If I want to ease the two pieces together, I will have to skip more stitches on the stockinette side, which I'm not sure I want to do. However, if I abandon the wide rib, I also abandon the pinstriping I was planning for the purl columns.

This problem is a good lesson in how one design decision can affect subsequent design decisions. It is also a good reason for taking a self-designed project one step at a time. Ideally, I should have made some kind of mini-poncho with swatches, to see if my ideas would work. At least I checked after knitting the first side panel instead of forging ahead and knitting all four, and THEN discovering they would not play well with the center ones. In fact, I should knit that mini-poncho NOW, before I make any decisions about the current state of affairs.

At least my transportable project is going well.

The Jollyville colorway has narrower stripes than the other xmas colorways I've worked with, which adds to the fun.

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