Sunday, January 01, 2017

A new year

I took a look at last year's knitting resolutions, and I think I actually achieved them, more or less. Let's examine the intention and the results more closely.

Quality over quantity. While I don't have any hard data to back up this assertion, I feel like I knit less this year but tinked more, if that makes any sense. With the exception of dishcloths and hats, I didn't complete very many projects compared to other years. And that's okay. I am still struggling with appropriate yarn selection, though. I will definitely continue this resolution into 2017.

Let's be practical. This fall, when I hit upon the idea of knitting *everyone* hats in 'Blaze' (hunter orange), I quickly realized that some people would not want a hat in that color. So I asked before I knit. My daughter said yes, but she wanted a particular pattern. My SO said yes. Son and son-in-law were definitely NO. So now everyone has a new hat in a color/style they will wear. This resolution is a winner.

Break away from patterns. This resolution may be the primary reason I have fewer completed projects this year. I'm not an experienced designer, so have to adapt my ideas along the way, which invariably leads to more knitting but less finishing. When I look at patterns, I may see a design element I might want to steal incorporate into my own style, but otherwise, almost everything leaves me feeling meh. Unless I find a pattern that is utterly intriguing, I anticipate sticking with this resolution as well.

Is there anything new I would like to resolve to do this year? Why, yes, thank you for asking.

Whip those WIPs. I have probably made this resolution before, but this year I feel particularly driven to finish some big projects that are hanging over my head as well as frog some others that are obviously not doing it for me anymore.

Fix what's broken. When the cold weather finally rolled around, I discovered that I HATE most of my handknit sweaters. One has sleeves that are too big, another is in a color I loved at the time and now do not, a third is knit from expensive yarn that pills like the dickens. I think I can reknit the big sleeves, either overdye or bleach the blech color, and maybe felt the pilly one just enough to settle its hash. Fixing existing sweaters is preferable to knitting whole new ones, right? And these exercises will be fun learning experiences (she said hopefully).

What about you? Any new knitting goals this year?


Mereknits said...

Great ideas for the New Year. I plan to go along as usual and knit and crochet what inspires me. I do like to keep track of the yardage I have used, it makes me feel productive at the end of the year.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Good resolutions - especially frogging knits that aren't working for you. It's amazing how much mental weight they carry, when they are sitting there in the basket unfinished! You'll feel so much lighter when they aren't kicking around any more!