Thursday, May 25, 2017

Summer slow down

I'm not much of a knitter during the summer except for cotton. This year not even cotton is calling to me. There are several projects on the needles, several more on looms, lots of ideas floating around, etc. But there are also end-of-school-year events and gardening and dog walking and gardening and car shopping and gardening.... You get the idea. Hopefully, I will be posting some FOs soon. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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Mereknits said...

I am with you on the knitting, not that I ever stop I have just been too busy to get anything done. With the air conditioning on it doesn't matter what yarn I use. As for weaving I seem to be on a stand still. I have given away two of my looms, they frankly take up too much space and time of course. I have my large 32 in Ashford loom and my little Scrap It from Ashford. The larger loom has been taken apart and is under my bed, the little loom has a scarf started but has not been used in months. I wish I had more time but work and Little B take up so much time. THere is no race to get things done so it will all work out. I did pop by Fiber, Inc in Odessa now that it has been sold and under new ownership. It is a nice store and the new owner seem lovely but I still prefer Criativity in Largo. Happy knitting and have a great weekend.